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The Most Meticulous Ormond Beach Home Inspection Available

The most thorough Ormond Beach Home Inspection available is performed by Surfside Home Inspections. The difference is:

  • I work for YOU. Not the realtors, lawyers, mortgage companies or anyone else. My fiscal, legal and moral responsibilities are to you and you alone.
  • I am not only a Licensed Home Inspector in Florida but also a Florida Certified General Contractor with years of home building and architectural engineering experience. There are lots of “Licensed Inspectors” out there, but most of them have no building or design experience in their background.

Surfside Home Inspections is the best choice if you want a highly experienced professional to give you an in-depth look at all the vital systems in your home. If you need a home inspection in Daytona Beach, we are the company to call.   Home Inspector Current License Home

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A Word to My Potential Clients 

The single most important characteristic of the Home Inspector you choose

Using a business creating assistance that basically is familiar with the topic is excellent. A number of us review that program and directions intimately and additionally come up with just about the most proper essay writer.

is that he or she is committed to the fact that YOU are the only person he or she answers to.  Not to the realtors , mortgage brokers, attorneys or anyone else who is compensated based on this real estate deal closing.  Too often the inspector feels an unwarranted pressure where he is concerned about the real estate agent who has referred the client to him.  It is primarily a lack of confidence that the agent will refer more work to him if this deal does not close due to the inspection results.  (I say that this feeling is unwarranted because almost every real estate agent I have ever met wants EVERYTHING wrong with the home found.) Thus the Inspector waters down the report by giving the benefit of the doubt on concerns uncovered in the inspection.  Allow me share a true story:

A True Story That Happened On An Ormond Beach Home Inspection

At the time of this writing, attorneys are reviewing the case on behalf of the home buyer.

It was a typical Ormond Beach Home Inspection to be done on a nice home in a very nice area near Ormond Beach.  The buyer having bought many homes in this past, researched and found her own home inspector but it turned out that the inspector she had selected could not do the inspection until near the end of the inspection period.

The realtor had suggested an inspector who has been in business in this area for many years to fill in and do the job.  Concerned about the inspection period running out, the buyer conceded to using this inspector.

The inspection was completed.  After directly questioning the inspector about the roof she was informed that it had 5 to 7 years of life left in it. The buyer bought the house.

As is often done by insurance companies within a few weeks of a new policy, an inspector of their own was sent to inspect the home.  The insurance company sent word to the new owner that the insurance policy was being canceled due to a bad roof.

I was asked by the insurance agent and owner to do a “Roof Certification” to see if the insurance company inspector was correct or just being too conservative.  Often, an insurance company will accept a “Roof Certification” by a licensed contractor as the final word even over their own inspector. (Why? I don’t know.)  Probably about 30% of the time the insurance inspector is a little over zealous. But not this time. The assessment was correct.  The aggregate on the shingles was washed away and the adhesive strips that hold down the shingles were drying out (lifting shingles).  The roof should clearing have been reported as having reached the end of its life cycle.

How did the inspector justify to himself reporting otherwise?  Probably because the roof was about 17 years old and they typically last 22 years.  But sometimes they just don’t last as long as expected.

Did he even go on the roof to look at it?  I don’t know.  If he did, then he fibbed about the roof condition.  If he didn’t, then he did not do a thorough inspection.

Currently the new owner is having to put a new roof on her Ormond Beach home to keep her insurance in place.   At a cost of $11,000.00.  It is still not known if the attorneys can help her recoup her loses.

I am quite certain that the realtors, attorneys, mortgage companies, insurance companies and everyone else involved would have rather had the cold honest truth.  Fact is, most deals go through anyway once the buyer and seller discuss how to handle problems found during the inspection.


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We offer Pre-purchase Home Inspections, Wind Mitigation, 4 Point Inspections and Roof Certification Inspections. Service areas include: Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Holly Hill, Ponce Inlet, Daytona Beach Shores, New Smyrna Beach, Oak Hill, Edgewater, DeLand, Deltona, DeBary, Palm Coast, Bunnell, Palm Coast, Beverly Beach, Flagler Beach, Lake Helen, Deltona, Lake Mary, Lake Helen, Sanford, and all surrounding cities. Neil concentrates his business in Volusia, Flager and Seminole counties.

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