How To Pass 4 Point Home Inspection

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The reason that the insurance company is requiring a 4 Point Home Inspection is usually due to the age of your home. Most insurance companies have announced that they now require a 4 Point Home Inspection on homes over 20-25 years old. This requirement can vary from one insurance company to another but there are now a few companies that require it regardless of the home’s age. The 4 Point Inspection looks at four of the systems in your home; Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing and Air Conditioning. They simply want to confirm that the sytems are operating properly, up to code and not so old that they will come apart in the next storm or present a hazard to your safety or your property.

  1. Roofing System – The inspection forms ask about the age and condition of the roof. There can be no missing, broken or lifting shingles.
  2. Air Conditioning – This system merely needs to be intact and operational. Most insurance companies are not terribly concerned about the age.
  3. Electrical System – First we look at the electrical panel. There can be no empty breaker spaces and no double taps. We verify if the wiring is copper or aluminum. Switches and receptacles must have their cover plats intact. GFCI receptacles need to be installed as required. Smoke detectors should be in each bedroom and hallways leading to bedrooms.
  4. Plumbing System – The types of plumbing covered by insurance companies vary from one insurance company to another. Most companies will not insure homes plumbed with polybutylene. Some companies will not insure homes plumbed with galvanized steel. If you have copper or CPVC plumbing you have nothing to worry about. Verify what plumbing types are covered with your insurance agent.

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