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Many insurance companies today will require what is called the 4-Point Insurance Inspection. What a 4-Point Insurance Inspection does is look at 4 main systems of a home. This typically has to be done before anyone can get insurance. Below is a basic summary of the work done, and why it is performed.

The four points touched in the inspection are:

Roof: When performing the roof portion of the inspection, it is not just it’s current condition that is taken into consideration. They also want to know, as approximate as possible, what year the roof would need to be replaced

Plumbing: While inspecting the plumbing, the insurance companies are looking for what condition the overall system is in, along with what kind of piping is being used. (Copper, plastic, etc). They look to see if the system has been upgraded in anyway. The hot water heater is also a part of the plumbing portion of the inspection.

Electrical System: Insurance companies want to know about the size of the main service for the electrical system, along with any dangerous wiring. If any upgrades had been made to it, they also try and find out when they took place.

Heating and Air Conditioning: For heating and cooling, the insurance company wants to know the date of it’s installation and the approximate life of the unit. They also require to know if the unit is functioning properly.

With this inspection an insurance company doesn’t only know the condition of the home, but the future of it as well. They can make predictions on it’s condition down the road and make more informed decisions. Make sure to hire a home inspector who understands the ins and outs of a proper 4-point insurance inspection and has the qualifications to get the job done right. Call Neil at Home Inspections by Neil to set up an appointment to have your home inspected.

For 4-Point Home Inspections New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach and the surrounding area contact Surfside Home Inspections at (386) 795-1843.

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