4 Point Inspection

Why is the Insurance Company
Requiring a 4 Point Inspection?

The reason that the insurance company is requiring a 4 Point Inspection is due to the age of your home. Citizens Insurance has announced that they now require a 4 Point Inspection on all homes over 30 years old starting in September of 2012. The 4 Point Inspection looks at four of the systems in your home; Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing and Air Conditioning. They simply want to confirm that the systems are operating properly, up to code and not so old that they will come apart in the next storm or present a hazard to your safety or your property.


Parts of the 4 Point Inspection

Roofing System

                               Air Conditioning

The inspection here is not as detailed as the Wind Mitigation Inspection. In the 4 Point we are looking primarily at the roof covering. There must be no visible signs of deterioration such as lifting, curling, missing or loose tiles or shingles. The deck must also be free of significant warping or uneven decking. There must be a life expectancy of 3-5 years on the roof covering.The Air Contioning and Heating System must be operating properly. We also document the age of the Air Handler and the Condenser Units.

Electrical System Inspection

The Electrical System Inspection is a little more detailed due to its significant impact on personal safety. The electrical panel must not have any open breaker spaces and there must be a legend labeling the breakers in the panel. We also open the panel to inspect the wiring inside the panel. We are looking for proper wire sizing. single strand aluminum branch circuit wiring and double taps on the breakers. The meter box, service conductors and main breakers are checked for proper sizing. In the kitchen and bathrooms there must be GFCI outlets.

This is an area that you do not want to play around with. As a Certified General Contractor I myself do not attempt to do repairs, replacement or maintenance on an electrical panel. I call a LICENSED ELECTRICIAN! This is no place for the do it yourselfer, I do not care how handy you are or what electrical contractor your nephew once worked for. Whenever we inspect panels installed or repaired by unlicensed personnel without pulling a permit it is invariably done wrong. Don’t gamble with the lives of your loved ones. Hire a properly licensed electrician who pulls permits.

Plumbing System

In Conclusion… Don’t Worry

Looking for signs of leaking, drain and supply line materials and the installation and age of the water heater. Generally not a very complex part of the inspection process.Generally speaking most homes have no problem getting through the 4 Point Inspection.  The repairs required are usually simple inexpensive fixes.

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