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4 Point Inspection

How to pass it.
Need a 4 Point Home Inspection in Daytona Beach? The reason that the insurance company is requiring a 4 Point Inspection is due to the age of your home…

Wind Mitigation

In recent years the insurance companies have re-evaluated how they approach the process of determining the premiums they charge for your insurance…

Roof Inspection

Surfside Home Inspections can perform a Roof Condition Inspection for you in Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas. The insurance company…

Combo Package 1

— 4 Point Inspection
— Wind Mitigation

Combo Package 2

— Wind Mitigation
— Roof Inspection

Combo Package 3

— 4 Point Inspection
— Wind Mitigation
— Roof Inspection

A Home Inspector with Construction and Insurance Industry Experience!

The best 4 Point Inspection, Wind Mitigation and Full Home Inspection in the Ormond, Daytona, Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach areas are performed by Surfside Home Inspections. The difference is that Neil is not only a Licensed Home Inspector in Florida but also a Florida Certified General Contractor and a Licensed Insurance Adjuster.  With years of building, design and insurance industry experience, Neil knows exactly what to look for from all perspectives. There are lots of “Licensed Inspectors” out there, but most of them have no construction, design or insurance experience in their background.

When buying a home, Surfside Home Inspections is the best choice.  A highly experienced professional will give you an in-depth look at all the vital systems in the home.  You will buy with confidence.

Regarding 4 Point Inspections, my job is to protect you from the insurance company.  We do not want to leave them an excuse to deny a claim later.  4 Point Inspections need to be done right to protect you.

Wind Mitigations are used to legally force the insurance company to reduce your premiums.  When a Wind Mitigation is done correctly it will almost always save you money.  We will get your Wind Mitigation done right so you get every discount you are entitled to.

If you need Insurance Inspections or a Full Home Inspection in Volusia County, we are the company to call. Call me and ask me all your questions.  We offer quick turn around times and professional unbiased reports.

4 Point Inspection and Wind Mitigation Inspection | Home Inspection
4 Point Inspection and Wind Mitigation Inspection | Home Inspection
4 Point Inspection and Wind Mitigation Inspection | Home Inspection


In every profession there are always a few people who stand out and considered the best of the best – Neil is one of them. His honesty, professionalism and knowledge were paramount in our decision making process regarding a house we made an offer on. We can’t thank him enough !!

I hired Surfside Home Inspections twice so far and Neil was extremely thorough and provided a full printout with pictures of any issues discovered during the inspection. He is very objective and truly professional. Neil answered my text and email promptly to schedule an appointment. I have used another company in the past and the difference is night and day. I highly recommend Surfside Home Inspections.

I needed proof of a wind mitigation done in 2014 to switch insurance company, but nothing was in my files except the receipt for payment .When I called to arrange appointment, Neil was able to send a pdf of the 5 year old report which the new underwriters a accepted! This saved me money and coordination with a tenant, saving us both time. There was no charge for this Surfside service, but 5 stars is not enough to reflect my appreciation.

Last October in 2018 I purchased a beautiful home in Pelican Bay in Daytona Beach,Florida.I was fortunate to hire Surfside Home Inspections to perform the prepurchase,four point,and wind mitigation inspections.Neil Ochefski is the owner of the company and does all of the work himself.His background as an aviation inspector and his many years in the construction business makes him one of the most qualified inspectors in the industry.His meticulous attention to detail and pleasing personality make him a pleasure to do business with.He runs a 5 star business and I could not recommend him any higher for your inspections.Give Neil a call and you’ll be glad you did.

We have rental properties and have flipped a home or two as well. Neil is the expert we call before considering a purchase. Neil was also so helpful sending us pictures of the wind mitigations he had taken 5 years earlier. Our new insurance company needed the pics or else we would have to get new wind mitigations on all of our properties. Saved us a lot of headache and money. If you want peace of mind and someone who will be there for you 5 years after the job is done, you really should consider Neil. Simply the best!