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Surfside Home Inspections

Home Inspections by Neil Can Prevent Surprises

The last things a potential buyer wants to experience when negotiating the purchase of a new home are surprises.

Surprise! The roof is damaged.

Surprise! There are some substantial leaks in the indoor plumbing.

Home Inspections by Neil can prevent surprises by doing a thorough examination of all the systems in the home. Your inspection will include the Exterior, Roof, Structural, Interior, HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems. You need to be knowledgeable about the details before you fall in love with that dream property.

Your pre-purchase inspection will cover many areas and will most likely take a few hours.

  • We take a look at your siding or stucco, trim work and flashings, paint, porches, windows and exterior doors. These areas are examined for possible water intrusion points. The property is also checked for proper drainage.

  • We check the roof for signs of deterioration such as loose or missing tabs on shingles, curling tips on shingles, warped decking or signs of leaks. Chimneys, skylights, and vents are notorious for water intrusion.

  • Inside the home, appliances, interior doors, window operation, ceilings, flooring, railings and fixtures are all inspected for damage and proper function.

  • We examine the cooling equipment and controls for proper operations. We also look at the heating, piping, fuel supply, duct work, chimneys and flues, fireplace damper doors and safety controls.

  • Unlike many Home Inspection Services we actually open the electrical panel to look for defects. Quite often we find work done by amateurs with double taps, over-sized main breakers and undersized wiring. This also gives us the opportunity to check for aluminum branch wiring and electrical panels that your insurance company may not accept. (These areas are very dangerous. Please do not ever open a panel unless you are a trained professional.)

  • We check for properly operating shut off valves, water heaters, faucets, piping, water pumps, sprinkler systems and pool pumps.

Having these and many other areas checked by the professionals at Home Inspections by Neil can save you money in both the short term and the long run.

Perhaps you’ve been contacted by your homeowner’s insurance carrier and informed that they require an inspection to continue coverage of your home. The reason that the insurance company is requiring a 4 Point Inspection is due to the age of your home. Citizens Insurance has announced that they now require a 4 Point Inspection on all homes over 30 years old starting in September of 2012. The 4 Point Inspection looks at four of the systems in your home; Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing and Air Conditioning. They simply want to confirm that the systems are operating properly, are up to code and are not so old that they will come apart in the next storm or present a hazard to your safety or your property.

Don’t worry though, as generally speaking, most homes have no problem getting through the 4 Point Inspection.

These and many other services are what Neil Olshefski of Home Inspections by Neil specialize in. Neil is not only a Licensed Home Inspector in Florida but also a Florida Certified General Contractor with home building experience and years of experience working for architectural engineering firms on the commercial and residential design side. There are lots of “Licensed Inspectors” out there, but most of them have no building or design experience in their background.

Neil has specific knowledge and skills to make sure you can be confident and safe in your new home. He has been glowingly reviewed on Angie’s List ( and is trusted by real estate agents and home buyers alike.

Whether you reside there now, or are looking to buy, your home is your castle. Protect your investment and your interests by letting Neil Olshefski and Home Inspections by Neil identify potential areas of concern you need to know about.


Pre-purchase Home Inspections Ormond Beach

ormond 300x200 Pre purchase Home Inspections Ormond BeachA pre-purchase home inspection in Ormond Beach can be costly, but will serve to save you thousands of dollars, unnecessary problems, and untold expense down the road. The relatively small investment of a home inspection in Ormond Beach will give you the peace of mind in knowing that the exterior as well as the interior of your house is not going to cause you any unwanted surprises. Locating, qualifying, moving, and taking possession of your new home is daunting enough. Pre-purchase inspections ensure that the residence will be safe and functional for many years to come.

Whether you are a buyer or seller in need of a house inspection in Ormond Beach, you will need to make sure the house is in safe condition. Don’t trust just anyone to perform your house inspection. Home Inspection Services by Neil Olshefski are guaranteed to be reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. When it comes to getting a good house inspection, you honestly do get what you pay for: cheaper is not always better.

Neil has years of experience in working with architectural and engineering firms on both commercial and residential design. He is also a certified general contractor and a licensed home inspector. His building and design expertise sets him apart from other inspectors; you are guaranteed a thorough and professional house inspection in Ormond Beach with Neil. As a general contractor, he has any eye for anything suspicious and this gives him a definite advantage over that of competitors.

Our professional house inspections in Ormond Beach will cover all of the important aspects of the property. We inspect the exterior of the house, examine the roof, the interior, structural integrity, check the HVAC system, electrical wiring and boxes, and the plumbing throughout the residence. Our house inspections scrutinize the overall functionality and safety of any house. Don’t trust just anyone to give you a pre-purchase inspection, trust us at Home Inspection Services before you take the final step of moving in to any house.

Our home inspections begin with taking a look at the exterior of your home which includes paint, siding, windows, doors, flashing and trim work. We also check gutters and downspouts to ensure they are functioning properly as this can lead to roof leaks and basement and crawlspace flooding if not working properly. Our home inspections also examine the roof and make sure the shingles are in good shape where we look for curling, loose or missing tabs, loss of granular composition, hail damage, damaged decking, and soffits, etc. These factors play a major role in preventing water damage due to faulty roofing materials.

Our home inspections do a thorough check on all appliances, carpeting, flooring, ceilings, basements and stairs. We check water heaters, water pumps, sprinkler systems, and pool pumps. Nothing goes unchecked with our home inspections. We will even check your electrical panels and wiring. Most house inspections in Ormond Beach don’t include this service, but we understand the importance of making sure a home has been properly wired to meet and exceed all safety standards.

Additional services available: