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Matt Guercio
19:51 06 May 19
very good customer service and did a fantastic and thorough job.
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Susan O'Hanlon
23:19 01 May 19
I hired Surfside Home Inspections twice so far and Neil was extremely thorough and provided a full printout with pictures of any issues discovered during the inspection. He is very objective and truly professional. Neil answered my text and email promptly to schedule an appointment. I have used another company in the past and the difference is night and day. I highly recommend Surfside Home Inspections.
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Edna Weeks
14:42 04 Apr 19
I needed proof of a wind mitigation done in 2014 to switch insurance company, but nothing was in my files except the receipt for payment .When I called to arrange appointment, Neil was able to send a pdf of the 5 year old report which the new underwriters a accepted! This saved me money and coordination with a tenant, saving us both time. There was no charge for this Surfside service, but 5 stars is not enough to reflect my appreciation.
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Nancy Wilks
23:55 03 Apr 19
We have rental properties and have flipped a home or two as well. Neil is the expert we call before considering a purchase. Neil was also so helpful sending us pictures of the wind mitigations he had taken 5 years earlier. Our new insurance company needed the pics or else we would have to get new wind mitigations on all of our properties. Saved us a lot of headache and money. If you want peace of mind and someone who will be there for you 5 years after the job is done, you really should consider Neil. Simply the best!
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Mitchell Finn
22:54 12 Aug 17
Nice guy, cares about the job he does
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Linda Weaver
02:48 12 Jul 16
Neil gave a thorough three-hour home inspection on a property I was considering purchasing. Following the inspection, he sat down and went over every aspect of the report. I would highly recommend Surfside Home Inspections and will use him again if I ever have the need.
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Tim Harper
19:52 12 Feb 16
There are not many inspectors in the Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and Ormond Beach area that are HALF as competent as Neil Surfside Home Inspections. Neil really knows his stuff and is by far the best inspector in the industry. Do yourself a favor and go with Surfside Home Inspections.
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Bill Farrett
19:39 10 Dec 15
We have called upon Neil's services on 2 occasions. Each time he was prompt and courteous with us and the sellers we were dealing with. If he noted a problem in a house during his inspections he would call in the proper professional to evaluate and determine the cost of repair. His responses are immediate. No delays. His reports are delivered within 1-2 days clear, concise and professional. If he makes a commitment to you he's there.We've used him twice....if the need should arise again in the future...he's the one.
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Toni Autry
19:31 04 Nov 15
After moving into our new home we decided to upgrade our windows to vinyl impact resistant hurricane windows. We had a horrible experience with the company we hired to install the windows, Window World. When the city inspector finally came out the job would not pass inspection. The windows were not sealed properly and later we would learn that they were not properly sized to fit our home so they were not attached/anchored to our home correctly causing them to be structurally unsound.Over the course of the next few months they would fail two more city inspections and after each one their solution was to simply add more caulk. The installer kept on insisting they had properly installed the windows despite the repeated failed inspections and constant water leaks around the frames. We gave them months to correct the problem but after missing over 15 days of work to be there for the installer to "fix" things and watching mold grow around the windows we decided to hire another company to remove the windows and start over. This is where Neil came in.We stopped payment to the previous contractor and hired a new one. Before the old windows were removed we wanted to document all the problems, just in case we ended up in a legal dispute. I called several contractors/home inspectors and Neil was by far the most polite and really seemed like he wanted to help. When he came out he reviewed the installation instructions and took his time thoroughly inspecting all the windows. He pointed out all the defects in the installation, took pictures/videos, and wrote it all up in a report for us. Having all the problems documented by a general contractor gave us piece of mind when the new company came to remove the improperly installed windows.About four months after the defective windows were removed Window World sent us a demand for Arbitration. We asked Neal if he would come and speak at the arbitration and present the report he prepared on the previous installation. He said he would be happy to come and that he had a hard time believing that the previous contractor had actually demanded arbitration.During the arbitration the contractor lied over and over again trying to convince the arbitrator they had followed the installation instructions and done everything properly. It had been over a year by the time we had our arbitration so the one city inspector that we had to subpoena didn't even remember the inspection he failed. Thankfully Neil was there to back us up, he was willing to come to Arbitration with us as our expert witness. He went over the installation plans with the arbitrator. By referring to pictures and notes in his report he pointed out all the defects. He showed that the windows were not only leaking but would have most likely blown out in high winds. Without him it would have been us against them and since they are considered "professionals" they may have been able to prevail.In the end the arbitrator found in our favor meaning we did not have to pay for the windows which was about $15,000. She also found that they were responsible for our legal fees which came out to over $30,000. If we had lost we would have also had to pay for their legal fees so we could have been responsible paying over $70,000 between the windows, our lawyer and theirs. I am convinced without Neil we very well could have lost, I do not want to even think about how that would have affected our family. Neil is a genuinely nice and honest person that went above and beyond to help us through this mess. I would without hesitation recommend his services to anyone and would certainly hire him again.
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Fred Burke
21:31 02 Oct 15
Neil is a very knowledgeable home inspector, he explains every thing he is doing and when finished he gives a great report of what he found along with pictures. Highly recommended for his professionalism.
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Gary Vela
18:09 18 Sep 15
I know Neil personally. He is a great guy to work with. He has my highest recommendations for your home inspection needs.
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Suzanne Galarneau
17:34 11 Dec 14
By far the best home inspection we've had! Neil is professional, very informative and provides a great experience during a somewhat stressful time!
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Danielle Dyer
20:48 02 Dec 14
Neal's professionalism and level of service are beyond reproach. I would recommend him for any of your home inspection needs!!!!
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Karin Galien
16:26 13 Oct 14
Neil is very professional and meticulous in his Inspection’s and I appreciate getting the reports within 24 hours, being that he is also a Licensed Contractor and is familiar with Building codes is a definite plus and instills great confidence in my Buyer’s.I highly recommend Neil to anyone who wants a good Inspection
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tia chiesi
17:12 01 Oct 14
Neil responded to my message within 24 hours with an email and a personal phone call. When you sign a home contract, you have about 15 days to obtain home inspection results, so time in scheduling a "qualified" inspection, with results in hand are of great importance. Neil scheduled our appointment in 3 days. He spent about 4 hours on review of the home from roof to foundation, including appliances. No detail seemed to be left out, which is what we needed since we do not currently live in that state. Twenty four hours after the inspection, we were provided a detailed, written, in color email, that included his recommendations. He also spent time on the phone with us addressing our concerns. Since Neil is also a licensed contractor, his opinion and recommendations are a BIG value to us, when encountering such a large purchase. I would HIGHLY recommend using Neil’s Home Inspection.
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Heather Hall
13:13 01 Oct 14
Hands down, Surfside Home Inspections is the best inspection in Volusia County. Neil duals as a General Contractor and that level of experience is a matter of utmost importance when it comes to inspection of your home. If you or someone you know is buying property, you need to call Surfside Home Inspections.
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David Moyer
23:50 30 Sep 14
I am a local Electrical contractor and have worked with Neil on many occasions . His inspection reports are always spot on .His professionalism is by far second to none.I will always recommend Neil, if anyone asks if i know a good home inspector.
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Dana Syens
21:03 24 Sep 14
I was purchasing a house, and I needed it to be inspected within a couple of days of the offer, I called Neil and he made an appointment to inspect the house the very next morning. He was very professional, on time, and did a very detailed inspection of the home. There were a couple of minor problems that he pointed out and also advised me as how to get the problems repaired. I will use Neil again on my next home purchase and have referred him to many of my friends. Thanks Neil!!
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Michelle Dunlop
20:47 24 Sep 14
I recently used Surfside Home Inspections complete a new purchase inspection as well as a mitigation inspection. Neil was very prompt and courteous. He did a fantastic, detailed, job! I have and will continue to recommend Surfside Home Inspections to anyone needing inspections on their home!
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