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How To Pass 4 Point Home Inspection

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The reason that the insurance company is requiring a 4 Point Home Inspection is usually due to the age of your home. Most insurance companies have announced that they now require a 4 Point Home Inspection on homes over 20-25 years old. This requirement can vary from one insurance company to another but there are now a few companies that require it regardless of the home’s age. The 4 Point Inspection looks at four of the systems in your home; Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing and Air Conditioning. They simply want to confirm that the sytems are operating properly, up to code and not so old that they will come apart in the next storm or present a hazard to your safety or your property.

  1. Roofing System – The inspection forms ask about the age and condition of the roof. There can be no missing, broken or lifting shingles.
  2. Air Conditioning – This system merely needs to be intact and operational. Most insurance companies are not terribly concerned about the age.
  3. Electrical System – First we look at the electrical panel. There can be no empty breaker spaces and no double taps. We verify if the wiring is copper or aluminum. Switches and receptacles must have their cover plats intact. GFCI receptacles need to be installed as required. Smoke detectors should be in each bedroom and hallways leading to bedrooms.
  4. Plumbing System – The types of plumbing covered by insurance companies vary from one insurance company to another. Most companies will not insure homes plumbed with polybutylene. Some companies will not insure homes plumbed with galvanized steel. If you have copper or CPVC plumbing you have nothing to worry about. Verify what plumbing types are covered with your insurance agent.

Cheap Home Inspection Can Be Expensive

A cheap home inspection can be expensive. For a couple that is just starting a life together, things can get a little costly. After the engagement and wedding rings, the wedding itself and the costs associated with owning your first home, the financial aspects can start to pile up. This could motivate someone to go for the lowest bid when it comes to home inspection on a new home. This decision could be the most expensive of them all. You may be planning on starting a family soon. Maybe you want to start a business out of your home. Is it worth having these ideas and dreams in a house when you don’t even know if the home is safe?073 couple looking at home Cheap Home Inspection Can Be Expensive

You may walk through the front door of a little two story house in Palm Coast with your real estate agent and see beautifully painted walls, a welcoming light oak tinted wood floor, and a living room with a wonderful bay window. It all looks so perfect to you. The walls are a delicate blue, the floor rarely squeaks under your feet, and the entire downstairs is covered in sun light. Why hire a home inspector that costs a little more when you already know this place is everything you want?

Maybe because of the mold that could have built up in the air conditioner from poor maintenance. Do you know what is between those beautiful walls and the brick exterior? What if termites are eating away at the foundation and your dream home is slowly falling apart from the inside? For all you know beneath the cosmetic portions of the house could be thousands of dollars worth of damage waiting to be discovered. What if that home inspector that you thought was such a bargain misses even a few of these items and one day you come home to a $2,500 dollar repair cost because something he missed has progressed too far to fix and has to be replaced?

What if you find a way to pay that expensive bill and a month later you have to replace part of the kitchen floor because improper plumbing has caused a massive leak well you were gone for the weekend? Sadly these things do happen, and many times they can be prevented by hiring a competent and dedicated home inspector. When it comes time to make that dream come true, don’t go for a bargain, go for someone like Home Inspections by Neil. Someone who has the proper license, training, and experience to make sure your new home really is as perfect as it seems to be.

A home is an investment, one that doesn’t have to cost more then it is worth if you do things right the first time. Enter your new home with the confidence that it is as ready for you as you are for it. For Palm Coast home inspections, give Surfside Home Inspections a call today at (386)-795-1843 about getting an inspection today and see why they are one of the recommended home inspectors in the area.